Hand-Printed Textiles // Illustrations & Patterns

PANKUKA is all about hand-printed and conscious textiles for children and adults, using natural fabrics, eco-friendly inks and manual printing techniques.


My name is Maria João, the founder and designer behind this brand. I am Portuguese and i have always loved to work with my hands, to make all kinds of visuals and objects. I've been working as a designer, illustrator and more recently as a self-taught and passionate textile designer. What moves me is the possibility to be free and to have time to create, by combining all these skills i have and love to work with.
But Pankuka is also everyone who helps and supports me in many ways!


As a textile designer, I started years ago, learning by reading, doing, making mistakes and by attending workshops and short courses. With time, I became more and more interested in manual processes and one day, this interest led me to India, to study and to learn with block-printers and natural dyers. Being there, exposed to and connecting with such different lives, ancient practices and knowledge, made me rethink many details in life, including the way i was working with textiles.
Since then, i have continued to learn and to experiment with manual printing processes, trying to adapt them to my own reality, to what i have and to where i am at the moment.
In the meantime, i moved to Berlin with my husband and became a mother of a little girl, which made me realise it was the perfect time to start this project.


Pankuka is the result of all these experiences and reflects my wish to continue this slow creative and printing journey, focusing on manual printing techniques and eco-friendly materials to create fun, beautiful, comfortable and conscious products for kids, parents and for everyone who values these same principles.
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