Pankuka is a brand for hand-printed and illustrated textiles, manual printing techniques, eco-friendly inks and natural fibers.

Pankuka is me, Maria João and i am a Portuguese maker and creative, living in Berlin with my husband and daughter, since 2013.
I studied Communication Design, but most of my professional life has happened around illustration and more recently, around textile design and print. I love drawing in my sketchbook and I have a passion for everything manual, especially for manual printing techniques and textile arts. During these last 8 years I have been reading, learning and experimenting a lot with textile printing, on my own and I have been trying to incorporate my love for illustrating into textile design, which is something I really like to do. 

So, Pankuka is born from this joy I have in working with these arts, as well as from my wish to create a "place" where I can continue to experiment and combine these skills I have, in the most sustainable way possible.


To support local suppliers, to collaborate with like-minded artists, to privilege the use of natural and organic fibers, to print with natural dyes and eco-friendly inks and to constantly rethink my personal and professional impact in this world, in all levels, are the core principles and values behind Pankuka, which i try to follow in every product I make.

So, in the end, each textile piece is much more than its final look, it has an entirely conscious process behind and an interesting story to tell, whether it is about the origin of its raw materials or about the inspiration for the design that is printed on the fabric.

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