I started these first experiments on a night when i was particularly upset with many things and i ended up locking myself in my office, turned the music on, put the headphones, just like i used to do when it was only me and started to put the bad energies out and channeling them to the creation of something.

At first I tried to use my usual pens and pencils to illustrate some feelings, but the results weren't pleasing me. So i tried different tools, i roughly drew some things on rubber, cut and print them on paper. I then got some pieces of fabric, prepared some inks and madeprints with my stamps.

This time i liked the result.

I still don't know where this is going, but i am enjoying the process and i will surely do more of these.

Sometimes i feel the need to go beyond pretty patterns and prints, with a more commercial look. Sometimes i need to use my skills to express more of what i feel and what i am looking for. Sometimes i need to wander around with no specific purpose. And sometimes it's good and liberating to just create and to make whatever the mind wants, as a therapy, as a way to put out what is locked inside.