I haven't been printing much this last weeks, but today morning was all about mixing paints, dirty fingers and ideas printed on fabric.

Months ago i bought a jar of screen printing transparent paste and didn't have a clue of what to do with it. But yesterday, after reading a bit about it and after opening up to all kinds of possibilities, today i decided to give it a go. 

Basically it is possible to mix anything with a printing paste, any kind of pigment, liquid or powder and i just used what i had at home. For the colors i needed, i used liquid watercolors - ecolines - to mix my green and i used turmeric powder to obtain my yellow.

And today morning i printed a new wall hanging, using the last piece of completely artisanal linen i got from alice / saber fazer. It is a beautiful piece of handwoven linen fabric, with a lovely texture that gives subtle imperfections to the print. I have been loving to work with it and the results are just what i was imagining, when i started to plan these art pieces.

It still needs to be embroidered and finished, wich will take me some more days, but i have been enjoying to work on these unique printed pieces. I only make one of each and what i print is very spontaneous. I prepare everything in my mind and once i start to work on it, the printing just flows in a very intuitive way.

The last one i did, was all about the sea (sold already, to my sister!).