I've just started an online course about Fashion and Sustainability, by London School of Fashion and the brand Kering. It's free (although by paying for it we can have unlimited access to all its contents, as well as a Certificate at the end), anyone interested can join it and it lasts 6 weeks. So far it has been a great source of information and tools to make me question and think about so many aspects related with the textile industry, useful to my work as a maker and to my behaviour as a consumer.

This week i will be learning how to write my manifesto, which is something i struggle a lot with. Communicating what i do, in words, has never been a strong skill, so i will use this opportunity to re-write my ABOUT page and to be clearer about how i want to pass my message.

Today, the Week 2 started and I am looking forward to the next ones and to keep on reading all the shared articles, research and to interact with other like-minded people who also joined this course.