"What does Pankuka mean?"

Well, Pankuka simply means Pancake, in the Latvian language. Simple as that!

Months ago i was trying to come up with a name. I spent so many days on this,  getting inspired, writing down pages and pages of possible names and logos, doodling a lot, until my brain got drained out and i ran out of ideas.

But then, during Summer, something clicked! I was spending some days in Riga, Latvia, with my husband and daughter and we went to this traditional pancake place in the center. Pancakes (Pankukas) of all sorts are very common and mostly the potato pancake - "Kartupelu Pankukas".

We found the name very catchy and everytime we said it, it sounded good, happy, fun, simple and practical! All words i wanted to relate with my brand. And off course, we also like Pancakes, kids like them too and they are fun to make and fun to eat, eheh!

And that's it! We came home, i started working on the logo and here it is, the story of Pankuka's name.

The End : )

(I am sorry if i do not have a super inspiring and complex story to tell about this name, but it's ok, sometimes names just come up, without any big or fancy explanation.)