"Small Pleasures" is a series of simple illustrations printed on cotton cloth.

This is one is the first - "Floating in the Water"

They are simple printed pieces, to spread around the house and they can work as simple reminders that life is full of happy and simple small pleasures we can enjoy, live and be grateful to.

I also wanted to create something that could work as the beginning of a fun story telling time with the kids. I've noticed how my girl is so attracted to all the images that surround her and how she likes us to be creative with her. She asks questions, she shows interest and we usually like to take some time explaining or talking around something that has caught her attention.

This first illustration was a tough one to get ready! I spent a great amount of days thinking about on how could i start these series of illustrations, but finally i decided this was a great beginning.

I wanted to create something meaningful and i think i was listening to this song "Sometimes the Sea" (great title by the way!), by the band This is the Kit and it was a very ugly day oustide. So, immediately, an image of bathing in the water and the longing for warmer days just popped into my mind. 

"But my life it is good / And I have what I need / And sometimes the wind / And sometimes the sea"

This illustration was screen-printed on raw cotton fabric, with 2 colours, in Berlin and it's finally available on the shop!